Versatility and value are our number one focus when creating new offerings at Final Rise. 

These simple yet streamline and complimentary Modular Rear Blaze Panels are an easy way to take your Summit from turkey rig ready in the spring to legal and ready to chase wild birds in any state. By simply attaching to the Molle webbing found on the rear of the game bag, these modular plans are ‘easy-on’ and ‘easy-off’ so you can use them when it's needed and stow it away when it's not. Simple, innovative and the perfect addition to adding more uses to your Final Rise System. 


  • Adds 90 Visible Cubic Inches of Blaze Orange
  • Pairs perfectly with additional Blaze Orange accessory pockets to help meet legal requirements


**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Sticks & Strings Outdoors
Glad to not buy another vest!

I originally bought my vest in all green since I use it for doves, ducks, and turkey in addition to upland, but a recent trip to the grouse woods in the rain and my partners couldn’t see me well with just an orange hat. This panel adds more blaze orange and increases visibility, and it’s removable when you don’t want it. Perfect for my needs, and another thing that sets Final Rise apart from the other premium vests.

Timothy Payonk
Blaze panel

Just what I needed to add to my Summit vest for pheasant season here in PA.

Chris Knopik
I like the options of the panel.

I ordered my vest with out any orange because I wanted the option to add the panel and pockets later. I like this vest to blend in during early season hunting but yet add the orange later during deer season.

Great product

It’s great to be able to quickly attach a little extra orange just at the times it’s needed. I love the flexibility of your products and how well crafted everything is.

Tracy Maddux
Blaze Panel

I ordered my vest without any blaze so I could use it for dove hunting with plans to add orange later. I just received the blaze panel, the rear accessory pack and two extra pockets. WOW it glows. Perfect for the thickets and pheasant fields. American quality at it’s best

Whether you're needing a blaze panel to convert your earth tone vest or you're needing a brown panel to switch over your vest for chasing turkey, we have a solution. By pairing our Modular Rear Blaze Panel with our additional accessory pockets, you can no easily reach each state's requirements without the need for purchasing an entirely new vest or cover up the blaze to avoid the catching a turkeys eye.

How to Attach to Vest:

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