There's no one size fits all approach when it comes to comfort and function. Lucky for you, we've loaded the FINAL RISE System with some simple yet innovative features that allow you to ensure a custom tailored fit. All you need to do is simply select your waist size during checkout and apply the steps outlined in this video to dial in how your vest feels so you can set it, forget and go hunt.

NOTE - We have already factored in layering. Do not size up if your measurements fall within the specified numbers below. 


Measuring Midsection For Belt Size:

Using a soft measuring tape, loop the tape behind your lower back, just above your bum, and wrap around to the front, just below the navel. Pair the size/measurement obtained with our sizing for optimal fit. This will ensure the belt sits below the waist on the hips, which will carry the most comfortably.

If you are up the upper end of a belt size, and you'd prefer to have the shell pockets sitting more forward, we recommend sizing up to the next belt size.

Measuring Torso Harness Size:

Using a soft measuring tape, measure from the bony bump on the back of your neck (C7 Vertebrae) to the top of your bum crack. Pair this measurement with the Torso size range on the product pages.

If you are a gentleman or woman with a larger chest area, please opt for the regular harness. This provides the additional length needed as the straps come over the chest area 

If you are right at 20", we recommend the regular harness as this will allow the sternum strap to sit low and ensure an open shoulder pocket for a clean gun mount.

Worried? Leave a Note:

If for any reason you’re worried about your measurements being wrong, please note your height and weight in the order notes at checkout.

From here, we will ensure we send you what we feel will fit the very best and provide the most comfortable and function out of your vest. If we get it wrong, we’ll always make it right.