Our Story

FINAL RISE™ is a small American made business dedicated to the passionate uplanders all across the world. From the Western Deserts of Nevada and Utah chasing Chukar, to the Grouse woods of Wisconsin and the flats of Kansas for Roosters, our gear is designed to deliver performance, function and comfort. Period. All function. No fluff.

A little about myself, I grew up in the small town of Heber, Utah and cut my teeth on hunting Dusky and Ruffed grouse in the mountains that surrounded the valley. When I was younger, and had completed all my chores for the weekend, my mother would drive me to the top of the mountains, ask me which Canyon I would come down and then wait for me and my black lab, Tina, at the bottom while she read a book. 

Not only did my Mother allow me to fall in love with upland hunting early on, she also taught me how to sew.. So, here I sit, some 20 years later.. sewing the best damn upland vest I can for the guys and gals that love it as much as I do. 

I couldn't ask to be more blessed in this endeavor and thank you in advance for the consideration of Final Rise Gear. I hope to somehow be a small part of the memories you create with friends, family and our loyal four legged companions.

My promise to you as a customer is simple - I will do everything I can to serve you. From only sending out the best products we can make to providing the customer service you deserve, you are our #1 and we want you to know it.

Here's to the continued pursuit of wild places and wild birds. I wish you nothing but health and success in all your upland endeavors.

-Matt Davis // Founder 


Final Rise Mission & Core Values

One common denominator I've always found in the businesses that are successful are having a firm foundation in their reason for being in business. During the early stages of founding FINAL RISE, I felt it important to write down, document and share with our customers our Mission and Core Values. Some may appreciate them, some may not care, some may be offended. Truthfully, that's okay. We are who we are and will alway stay true to these values and mission.

Company 'Why':

Ensure the future success of the wing shooting community, upland species and upland game habitat through the creation of innovative and premium upland gear that elevates the upland hunters enjoyment and experience afield. 

Company Mission Statement:

Create high functioning Upland Gear that delivers comfort, balance and a lifetime of memories. 


  • Business Fueled by Passion 
  • Honest and Integrity driven business decisions 
  • Create only what we’d use
  • Give back
  • Involve the youth 
  • Enhance upland community