Adding versatility and value to our Final Rise System is our top priority. Now, by combining our all new Turkey Seat with your system, you have a lightweight, durable and fully functional Turkey setup that's easy to adjust in the field and provide comfort from tree root, rocks, cactus and anything else nature throws at you in an effort to give that weary gobbler the upper hand.

By utilizing a high grade EVA foam, this seat delivers comfort, function and ease of use in an extremely light, water-resistant and versatile package. Weighing a mere 1lb and some change, what you gain in a small amount of weight yields a 10x return in comfort. Additionally, this seat doubles as a carrier for any turkey goods such as decoys, ground blinds, stools, etc. A must have when you've punched your tag and the game bag is full.

Don't forget to grab your ‘Jacket Lashes’ to attach the seat to your vest. If you already have them, you're good to go. If you need them, don't checkout with out them.

Product Dimensions:

  • 15" wide x 14.5 long
  • ¾'' EVA High density Foam

Color: Brown

  • Brown
  • Mossy Oak Original
**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Comfy seat.

Adds versatility to a vest that is already versatile. Incredibly comfortable and punches well above its weight. Tons of rigging options allow it to be out of the way until needed, and so appreciated when slow playing a gobbler.

Tree roots, cactus and other 'butt pokers' can be a real pain in the.. well.. you know.. when you're trying to get setup on a bird that's fixing to be in your lap.

Using the jacket/layer lashes, you can attach the seat to the rear webbing of your Final Rise Summit vest, or slip it between the waist belt to have it closer to you for a quick sit, if need.

Lightweight, closed cell foam provides a firm but comfortable seat to keep you at the ready for when it's time to punch that tag.

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