Clip. Carry. Proudly Display.

Hand braided from paracord, the FINAL RISE Bird Totes are a simple and effective way to transport or tastefully display your success from the day. Six (6) individual loops provide ample lashing points to securely and safely hang birds of any species and size. The large carabiner clips easily to the back of your vest, the d-rings of your waist belt, or the nail in a fencepost for a hero shot with your dog. 

Product Details:

  • Large Aluminum Carabiner for quick and easy clipping
  • 6 individual loops with ample adjustment for any upland species


*Note, ‘Earthtone’ colors may slightly vary from image


**Please allow up to 1 week for accessories & 2-3 Weeks for Vests due to High Volume of Sale**
A lightweight and multi-use bird tote is a great tool to add additional carrying capacity to a vest or tastefully display and capture a photo after a successful day afield. The large carabiner clips anywhere on your vest, waders when water fowling or any other gear to safely and securely transport your game.
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