Built with the Garmin Alpha and Pro 550 Series GPS handhelds in mind, these sleek and convenient pouches provide a readily accessible way to carry your Garmin, or similarly sized and style handhelds, on your shoulder harness, at a height that the antenna isn't in your face or that it could impede proper gun mounting form and because our harness offers attachment points on both the right and left side, this pouch will work for either a right handed or left handed shooter. 

Designed specially to the Final Rise Shoulder Harness, these pouches are compatible with both SUMMIT and LEGACY vest models.

**Sold as single unit. Image of two colors is simply to show options. 

Alpha Pocket Size: 4.5 Tall x 2.25 Wide x 1.5” Deep

550 Pocket Size: 6" Tall x 2.5" Wide x 1.5" Deep 

Pockets Will Fit:

  • Garmin Alpha 100 & 200
  • 550 Plus / 550 Pro
  • Astro Series
  • Cell Phones
  • Radios


Note - Will not fit shoulder harnesses without a horizontal webbing attachment point. Handhelds not included.


  • 550 / BROWN
  • 550 / ORANGE
**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul Puma

It's simple it fits perfect .
I know were it is .
I don't have to worry about losing it .
Thanks for all you do .

Thank YOU Paul! It's always a pleasure to chat with you and I'm glad you're enjoying the gear.

Thought it was a "want" have, turned out to be a need to have!

Great product for my pro 550 plus, way better reception riding antenna up than clipped to a lanyard. Easier to feel the point alert buzz through the shoulder as well. Only improvement I would add for future iteration is more flared open mouth / increased rigidity. Similar to water bottle holder mouth, helps the opening maintain its shape for one handed insert.

Garmin 550 plus

Fit in the handheld pouch securely and attached solid to the vest. I personally like how the transmitter sits while hunting.

Spot on!

My previous vest had a spot where I could clip my Garmin on my left shoulder strap, and last season this was the one thing I wanted to change about my Final Rise vest. Now the issue is solved, and the fit of the pouch on the strap is perfect. It fits very snug to the strap and can come off in 10 seconds if you want to remove, for turkey hunting for example.

Works well

I use an alpha 10 on a lanyard. Pouch does a great job keeping it from bouncing around when I am not using it.

When it comes to handhelds, the where to attach, how to access, or which brand to use, difference in opinions create quite the 'can of worms'. Fortunate for you, the Final Rise vests offer the perfect platform to accomodate numerous attachment points for your preferred handheld.

For those who enjoy the security of keeping your handheld on your shoulder harness, or the outside of a SUMMIT Shell Pouch, the Final Rise Handheld Pouch is the answer.

Compatible with the vast majority of handhelds, cell phones and walkie talkie sizes.

For attaching handheld pouches to 2 rows of vertical Molle webbing, please also order webbing keepers to secure bottom of transmitter pouch, which will provide a flush and secure hold. 

How to Attached To Vest:

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