Water bottles tend to get lost in the truck, left on the tailgate when you drive away and occasionally roughed up by the pups.

Grab an extra set to make sure you're always ready to rock 'n roll.

Product Specifications:

  • Sold in Pairs
  • Both Narrow and Standard Bottles are 32oz
  • Push/Pull Top
  • BPA Free


Note - Like any drinkware, we recommend to washing them with soap and water prior to use. 

Size: Standard (Nalgene® Size)

  • Standard (Nalgene® Size)
  • Narrow (Gatorade® Size)
**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mike Grimm
Water bottle

Had other bottles in the past and they all leak. These don’t leak. Super happy with them.

Johnny Togmann and Googan the dog
Tall Nalgene water bottle.

What can I say? They are water bottles. Hold water ? Yes. Better than other bottles? Not really. Unless compared to one with a leak. Do they hold 32 oz ? I don’t know I didn’t check that. Dispense water? Yes. Better than others? Not really. My dog prefers Gatorade bottles because she keeps closing the spout on these when drinking. I have opposable thumbs so I don’t have that problem. They fit and stay in the vest pockets well. If they had a gauge showing how much water was left or had an automatic refill I would have given more stars.

Brian Hanson
Great size and utility

Training dogs is a thirsty business for handler and dog. These bottles balance well on the legacy vest and provide enough water to stay longer in the field.

Bridger Bingham
A lot less water hitting the dirt!

I spend most of my time on steep rocky hill sides chasing those red legged devil birds. I never carry a bowl to save on weight and previously just refilled old water bottles. If you know, well then you know how bad it hurts as you watch most of the water you carried up 2,000 vertical feet just hit the ground.

Over the last season these bottles have proven to be way more efficient. They fit great in the water holsters that came with my Summit Vest, so I never have to worry about losing one as I'm climbing over rocks, or bending over to grab a bird. Plus it's not as gross when water is running low and me and the dog have to share! Ha

The beauty of utilizing the PALs webbing throughout the body of the pack allows for complete modular customization. You put what pockets you want, where you want them. It's your system. Build how it works best for you.

This Small Accessory Pocket fits perfectly on the side of the bird bag, or can be placed on the back of the bag, side-by-side, with another pocket of the same size to create a nice organized rear access pocket system. 

Every Final Rise add-on (shell pocket, water bottle holder, accessory pocket, etc.) attaches with a unique loop to webbing system. Each add-on will have 4 tabs on the rear of the accessory with a metal loop on it. The top loops push through the top of the PALS webbing and the bottom loops push through the bottom of the PALS webbing. This allows you to put the accessory wherever it works best for you and if you don't need it, or want to move things around, simply slide the metal loops out and place it somewhere else. Easy and simple. Just how it should be. 

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