Whether training in the offseason or keeping an additional sidearm for uncertain occasions in the field, the FINAL RISE Universal Sidearm Holster is one of our many streamline accessories that work in concert with our proven modular system.

Designed for function and comfort, the holster mounts between the waist belt and the shell pocket, or as a standalone with a pocket removed. Our holster rides comfortably on the waist where it can easily be accessed when needed, but does not obstruct access to your shell pocket nor impedes normal body movement as you hike and cover ground. 

Product is sewn and constructed using fabrics and materials that will not scratch your sidearm. Closure is high grade hook & loop to maximize range of side arms fitting and ensure no hard objects that may cause discomfort or damage your shotgun in case of contact.

Note - Will fit most full sized and compact semi-auto sidearms as well as revolvers. Sidearm in images is a M&P Shield.

Carry Side: Right Handed

  • Right Handed
  • Left Handed
**Please allow up to 1 week for accessories & 2-3 Weeks for Vests due to High Volume of Sale**
Whether you're hunting the borderlands or need a secure way to carry your training pistol, the Final Rise Sidearm Holster sits between your shell pouch and the waist belt, giving you a very comfortable way to carry your sidearm, without goofing up access to your pouches or changing the flow or functionality of your vest.
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