The SUMMIT XT (Extreme) is the standard in premium American Made upland bird hunting strap vests. 

Proudly sewn with the finest American sourced materials and components, the SUMMIT XT is a true workhorse in the field or on the mountain. At only 3.2 lbs, it’s the lightest and most functional upland strap vest in its class. 

Designed by a fellow passionate upland hunter, you’ll enjoy a feature rich system that includes:

  • Ultralight 3.2 lbs
  • Unmatched lumbar support for all day comfort
  • Non-padded and functional shoulder harness to ensure a clean firearm mount
  • Streamlined built in organization to optimize weight distribution
  • Infinite configuration modularity with the MOLLE webbing system
  • Innovative dog emergency carrying design
  • Pair of 32oz Bottles

*** The SUMMIT XT System uses magnets. If you use a pacemaker, please call to either have us create a full velcro closure or you can opt for the standard SUMMIT which uses zippers as a closure system. 

Color: Brown / Tan

  • Brown / Tan
  • Brown / Blaze
  • M81 / Brown
  • M81 / Blaze

Belt Size: 22"-27" (SM)

  • 22"-27" (SM)
  • 28"-36" (MD)
  • 37"-43" (LG)
  • 44"-52" (XL)
  • 53"-60" (XXL)

Torso Length: Under 20" (SH)

  • Under 20" (SH)
  • Over 20" (REG)

Choose your bottle holder & bottle size

Would you like to add a custom embroidery to your vest for $35?

**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
joshua wolff
If you don't know, now you know!

25 year plus chukar hunter. Professional dog trainer. Hard on my equipment dude. I go through vests like my lady does shoes...I'm hard on ****. I wore the wing works for a lot of years until I got one of Matt's first vets. It flat out changed the game. I now have the summit xt and it's even better. Fit is second to none and it's flat out functional. I'm not a band wagon guy, bit with this vest ll others are obsolete. Just facts..don't get mad. Finally the big sell, is the customer service. Every time I talk with these cats it's like I'm talking to my cousin..I always feel the love. Thanks Matt and team FR. Five stars all day

John Honigsberg
The one vest

This is the most comfortable, well thought out vest I have ever worn. Not not too much, not too little. It has everything you need for short easy hunts or hardcore long hunts.

Hit the nail on the head, John! Grateful the potential and features of our design are recognized and appreciated by passionate and experienced wing shooters like yourself. Hope to see some success pics this fall!

David Brown

Earlier today, I received my Final Rise Summit XT vest. I had read how good it was, but it blew past my expectations and went way beyond. My vest is very important in both quality and fit, as I have back and leg issues that I have had for almost 40 years. I have tried several different vests over the years and while some were very good, and many were close, this is by far the best I have ever had. The fit is adjustable, the materials and quality of stitching is exceptionally high, the customer service is exceptional and the product is made by people who hunt, here in the USA. I loaded my standard "kit" in the vest and walked a bit. It carries the weight on the hips rather than the shoulders and back and the lumbar support is exceptional. I can't say enough good things about this exceptional vest. Would I buy another? Emphatically YES. Thanks Final Rise! You have earned a very pleased and satisfied customer for life. GREAT JOB.

Thanks so much, David! Can't thank you enough for the incredibly kind words and support. Wishing you nothing but success with the setup in the field for many many years to come! Shoot straight brother.

Michael Janoska
Final Rise Summit vest

I'm a big fan of my Summit xt vest! I now have 3 of the Final Rise vests Summit Xt, Summit and side kick, they are all exceptionally well made , well designed and the best I've ever used. If you have questions you can call the shop, they will take the time to answer your questions and work with you. The final rise crew makes a great bunch of products I can't wait for the pants.

Thank you so much, Mike! Your incredible support and kind words are the very reason we love doing what we do. Hope you're gearing up for a great fall and wishing you and the dogs tons of success! Stay safe brother.

Michael Scott
Just what I was Looking for.

I have Been looking for a new vest for several years and found Final Rise. Vest was perfect fit with adjustments and load bearing. Well thought out product and design. While I have not used it for hunting yet it has many miles on while using as a training vest for new puppy Carrying all my gear needed as well as live birds. Comfortable and cool to wear all day. Shooting is non issue as straps and vest do not get in the way at all unlike some heaver padded vests. Well done!!

Thank you so much, Mike! Love knowing it's getting broken in right and can't wait to hear how it does this fall! Hope the new puppy is looking sharp and wishing you guys tons of success this fall. Appreciate you.

Redefining Comfort and Function in the Uplands

The Final Rise Summit XT System is the latest and most innovative Strap Vest design on the market. With a desire to deliver quality and a lifetime value in  upland gear, FINAL RISE set out to raise the bar and create a premium upland strap vest utilizing the latest advancements in materials, components and design.

What separates the FINAL RISE System from other Strap Vests on the Market? It’s a long list..

WEIGHT - 1.5 lbs lighter than other Strap Vests

The old saying goes, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. The older I get, the more that saying rings true! It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting chukar, prairie chickens or thick grouse cover, weight matters. At a mere 3.20 lbs, our vest is on average 1.5 lbs lighter than anything else available without jeopardizing the quality and lifetime value of the product. What does 1.5 lbs really mean though? It means you can carry almost a full extra liter of water BEFORE your vest weighs as much as another when it’s empty. 

The FINAL RISE System delivers all the carrying capacity, comfort and none of the bulk at a fraction of the weight.


There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to any hunting gear - especially picky Uplanders like ourselves. We have our style, our way and once we find something we like, and works, it’s hard to switch it up. Trust us, we get it. We’re just like you. 

Because we understand the need to create a system that functions perfectly for your needs, the FINAL RISE vest is the perfect platform that includes all the essential parts you’ll need, but gives you a foundation to add additional pockets, accessories or whatever your mind can think up. How? PALs, or MOLLE, webbing. 

Throughout each part of the vest you’ll notice there is horizontal webbing. This is referred to as PALs or MOLLE webbing. It’s a 1” mil-spec webbing that allows for endless accessory options . From the waist belt to the shoulder straps, sides of the bird bag and even the exterior of the shell pockets, there’s a spot to add what you want, where you want it. Don’t need it? Don’t use it. Need it? Give ‘er hell! It’s a simple, straightforward and easy way to build YOUR kit, YOUR way. It doesn't get any better. 

WAIST BELT - True Weight Bearing for Comfort & Balance

The foundation of any strap vest is the waist belt. The theory behind a strap vest, as the shoulder straps are the most minimal part of the system, is that the waist belt should hold the weight, balance the bag front to back and deliver comfort. Without a proper fitting waist belt that is truly weight bearing, the design is mute. Our contoured hip hugging waist belt holds your system rock steady like a well trained dog on point.

SHOULDER STRAPS - Streamline and Unobstructive

If there’s one thing you shoulder straps should NEVER do, it’s impede proper gun mount. Mount the gun wrong and it’s an ice cube's chance in hell you’ll knock a few birds down out of the covey you just hiked 5 miles to find. The FINAL RISE shoulder straps are a minimal, non-padded, functional asset to the vest and when properly adjusted, leave your shoulder clear for an easy mount. No more blaming the vest when you whiff a bird.. Maybe point the finger at your shell choice next?

Additionally, each shoulder strap has 2 rows of horizontal webbing that ride just above the semi-tacky material that sits on the front of the vest, just above the sternum strap. Perfect for hanging handhelds and other accessories that you like to keep on your chest and at the ready at all times. 

Last and certainly not least, each shoulder strap adjusts in 3 locations to allow the PERFECT fit. There is no other vest, backpack or gear item on the market with this feature. By allowing adjustment at the bottom of the strap, where it connects to the waist belt, the middle of the strap to cinch them tighter to your body, and at the rear of the shoulder straps, where it attaches to the bird bag and allows for proper torso length, you can dial in your vest so that it sits at the optimum position and ensures a comfortable and properly balanced system.

SHELL POCKETS - Magnetic Closure & Handheld Loops

If there’s one part of your vest that gets used, it’s the shell pockets. In and out, in and out, shoot, reload.. Repeat 10000000’s of times. 

Our Summit XT shell pockets offers the culmination of what we believe to be the most intuitive and user friendly design possible. Leveraging magnetic closure, for easy open and no-look closing, the Summit XT pockets are as good as it gets. We've also added webbing attachment points to the front and rear of the pocket, allowing you to clip your handheld, a radio or any other attachment you'd like for easy carrying and readily available access. Slap on one of our handheld pouches or bear spray pouches to have them always at the ready.

Our pockets are both large enough for gloved hands and offer an external zipper pocket that’s perfect for cell phones, wallets, keys and even tucking a tethered handheld into, if you prefer to not wear it on your chest. Shell Pockets are also a great storage compartment when balancing the vest.

BUILT IN DOG CARRIER - A lifeline when emergency strikes

The reality is that the gear we use and carry is mostly for our dogs. Water, first aid kits, multi-tools and more.. all to ensure we're prepared for when 'crap' happens. 

During the design and testing phases, it was critical for us to construct the vest so that it could carry a heavy load, in case a dog became injured. By designing the way our game bag closed and connected to the shoulder harness, we created an innovative way to open the bag, place the torso/mid section of the dog between the panels and then simply close the bag, connect to the harness and hustle back to the truck.

Not having to leave your gun or gear afield in a mad dash and securely carrying the dog to receive aid can make a less than ideal day afield, better.

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    Brown / Tan / 22"-27" (SM) / Under 20" (SH) - $350.00