Whether it's early season and t-shirt weather or an all day hike from walk from dusk to dawn, our 2L Bladder is a streamlined fit and solution that pairs perfectly with your FINAL RISE System to increase water carrying capacity.

By simply clipping into the bladder clip of your strap vest, this bladder hangs vertically down the spine and is cradled by sleeve that sits just inside the game bag, against your back. This keeps the weight of the water high on the hips and close to the back to reduce sagging, unwanted shoulder harness pressure and ensure your vest rides just as comfortable full, as it does empty.

Each bladder includes the insulated hose to protect the hose from thick brush and thorns, as well as keep the water cool during the summer and the hose from freezing when the temperatures drop. Additionally, each bladder includes two (2) hose clips that attach to the shoulder harness to keep the hose secured and ready for when it's needed.

Product Specifications:

  • 2L Water Carrying Capacity
  • Insulated Hose Cover
  • Valve Cover
  • Two (2) Hose Clips
  • Push/Pull Bite Valve
  • BPA Free


Note - Like any drinkware, we recommend to cleaning the bladder with soap and water prior to use. 

Size: 2 Liter

  • 2 Liter
**Please allow up to 1 week for accessories & 3-4 Weeks for Vests**

The beauty of utilizing the PALs webbing throughout the body of the pack allows for complete modular customization. You put what pockets you want, where you want them. It's your system. Build how it works best for you.

This Small Accessory Pocket fits perfectly on the side of the bird bag, or can be placed on the back of the bag, side-by-side, with another pocket of the same size to create a nice organized rear access pocket system. 

Every Final Rise add-on (shell pocket, water bottle holder, accessory pocket, etc.) attaches with a unique loop to webbing system. Each add-on will have 4 tabs on the rear of the accessory with a metal loop on it. The top loops push through the top of the PALS webbing and the bottom loops push through the bottom of the PALS webbing. This allows you to put the accessory wherever it works best for you and if you don't need it, or want to move things around, simply slide the metal loops out and place it somewhere else. Easy and simple. Just how it should be. 


2 liter

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