Like the lashes on the back of a cowboys saddle to keep his bedroll in place, the rear apparel lashes are a very simple but secure solution for when you need to shed an extra layer of clothing but don't want to put it inside your bird bag when it's a mess. Feathers.. spent shells.. you know the deal.. By using a pair of lashes this simple accessory provides a more secure and balanced way to carry your extra layers, while keeping it mid-bag, level with the waist where the weight rides most comfortably. Each lash is 21" in length and is ample for most mid-weight layers, such as sweaters or a soft-shell jacket, and can feed through any webbing on the bag to adjust how wide and where you want the lashes to cinch onto the layer.

We offer two options of lashes - Ladder lock, which is a very secure way to really cinch gear in place, or our Quick Release Buckles for when you're constantly adding or removing layers throughout the hunt.

To use, simply feed the lashes through the webbing on the rear side of the bag at whatever width you desire, roll up your jacket and tighten it down. When not in use you can leave them hanging on the bag, feed them behind a rear accessory pocket or remove them and keep them in one of the existing pockets on the Final Rise Vest for when they're needed. Easy and simple. Just how it should be. 

** Sold As A Pair

Product Dimensions:

  • 21" Length


Note - Apparel Lashes work in tandem with our Rear Accessory Pocket. Best practice is to tuck them behind the pocket when not in use and when needed, pull them atop the pocket, which will act as a nice shelf to help keep the layer in place as you hunt. Even with a jacket or layer in the lashes, your accessory pocket will still be accessible.


**Due to high sales volume, please allow 2-3 day business days for accessories and 10-15 business days for vest orders to ship**

Customer Reviews

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Much better than the first straps

Thanks for your support and comment.
The new jacket lashes seem to really hit the nail on the head!
We hope they work great for you in the feild when you need to shed layers and store them quick and easy.


Bridger Bingham
These are a must have!

No-brainer right here! I have a windbreaker that never comes off. I don't have to worry about it getting bloody, or falling out of the bag. Just always there, and out of the way until I need it!

A tool as old as time itself, the Jacket Lashes offer a very simple and secure way to lash your vest, jacket or any other layer you may need to peel off in the field to the back of your vest.

Simply feed through the webbing on the rear of your SUMMIT or LEGACY vest and you'll be ready to rock n roll. 

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