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Upchukar hunting Chukar with Final Rise Summit Upland Hunting Strap Vest

Chukar hunters are a unique breed. Chasing Chukar up and down steep mountains or climbing down rocky cliff faces in pursuit of the masked bandit, one this is for sure: Chukar hunters know the value of preparation. 

When deciding what gear “makes it” into our upland packs, sometimes it comes down to the simple issue of space. I have toiled, re-packed and looked for alternatives in order to compile a conscientious assortment of gear that is always in my upland pack every time I’m in the Chukar hillsBelow I have organized my list based on the configuration in which it is stored in my pack. 

Upland Pack - Final Rise Summit XT system 

Left front storage pouch: 

Ammo: Boss Shotshells- 20g 3” #7 


Left front storage pouch zipper pocket: 

Nevada Chukar coin 

iPhone 11 Pro 

Truck keys 


Right front storage pouch:


First Lite Tag Cuff Beanie-Merino wool 

First Lite Shale Touch Hybrid glove 

Upchukar neck gaiter 


Right front storage pouch zipper pocket: 

Chukar call 


Head Clip (clip-on style for hat brim) 

Left rear side pocket: 

Wire cutters (for cutting snares/traps etc) 

Havalon Piranta (knife) 

Zip ties



Right rear pocket: 

Mountain Money (TP)

Vet wrap


Interior rear pocket

Possibles pouch (Osprey UL pouch –Large) 

-Pelican VB3 head light 


- Altoids tin fire starter kit (lighter, matches, Wetfire, e-candle) 

- SOL 2- person survival blanket 

- contact lenses 

- My Medic  chest seal 

- Tenacious Tape 

- KT tape (small square) 

- medication/bandage pouch 

- eye drops 

- Nasacort allergy nose spray 

- Pen 

- tweezers 

Gauze dressing 

Interior water bladder sleeve 

Sawyer Squeeze water filter 


Rear Jacket lashing: 

- First Lite Vapor Stormlight Ultralight rain jacket 

- Water bottles x 2 (Early season I also use a 2 liter bladder)

I’m sure the staples of; shells, water, snacks and first aid may resemble items you already carry in your pack. Hopefully, some of the items I listed will spur some thought and consideration when focusing on preparation when heading into the field.  

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