Patterning Your Shotgun for Hunting

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We constantly preach that knowledge of your equipment is incredibly empowering. In this video we talk about not falling into the assumption that because a chart or graph on the internet says your shotgun should do X at Y distance, and gather the knowledge for yourself by putting your shotgun on paper to understand how each particular choke tube and shell combination performs at the distances you normally shoot birds at.

For us, our average shot is 25-35 yards and while there are many publications that state an IC is optimal at 10-25, we demonstrate how in this firearm, it delivers a very dense and evenly distributed pattern at 30 yards.

Case in point of video, put your favorite scatter gun on paper and set it up to perform best at the shot distances you know you'll be taking. You'll be amazing at how many more birds you take cleanly and put in the vest when you do. Thanks for watching!

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