Our favorite 28 Gauge Upland Load

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Over the past 5-6 years, the 28 gauge has quickly become my 'go-to' when I reach in the safe. It's seemingly the proper balance of shot density and speed, while not 'chewing' up birds that are shot in the distances I prefer to take them.

Over some nice pointing dogs, the 28 gauge is hands down my favorite gauge to carry for a long day of chasing wild birds. We hope this is a load you'll try and we'd love to hear your results. Happy shooting!

**Please note - the information shared in this video is established load data, found in the 'Small Bore' reloading manual by Ballistic Products - Load 90820-1204.

Always double check your load information and follow loads to exactness. Do not alter establish load data. We are not responsible for misuse, misinterpretation or improper loading done by any individual. Use this information at your own discretion and safety. Be responsible.

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