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Nick Larson Bird Shot Podcast Final Rise Summit English Setter

Few pieces of gear are as symbolic of upland hunting as a bird hunter’s vest. It’s one piece of gear that is specifically unique to upland bird hunting and for that reason alone, holds a special place inthe hearts and minds of many upland bird hunters, myself included.

I’ve tried numerous styles and designs over many years in the uplands and found none to be more practical than the simple “strap vest” design. To me, the Final Rise vest systems represent a truly refined and innovative approach to this style of vest without losing the simplicity and practicality of its original intent.

While my Final Rise Summit vest is certainly capable of carrying more gear than I could ever need during a day’s hunt, I do my best to keep it simple and not overpack despite the vest’s extreme comfort and adjustable fit tempting me to do so.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of the items most likely found in my vest as well as their location within the vest:

Summit System (Khaki/Blaze):

Right Shell Pouch:
● Main compartment: Shotgun shells
● External pocket zipper: Empty
Left Shell Pouch
● Main compartment: Cell phone for quick access to onX Maps, a neck gaiter and chapstick
● External pocket zipper: Truck keys
Built in Zippered Storage Compartments
● Left: Field first aid supplies and lighter in ziplock bag
● Right: Leatherman multi-tool, twist ties, small wire and hunting license
Game bag interior tri-section pocket
● Left: Simple slip lead for dogs
● Middle: External Anker battery pack to power my Go-pro
● Right: Wet wipes in a small ziplock bag/Miscellaneous
● Two water bottle holders with 32oz bottles
● Pin-on compass attached to left shoulder strap for quick bearing reference
● Garmin Alpha handheld clipped to lower left D-ring with antenna dropped into molle webbingfor secure attachment

When the miles rack up faster than your flush count, that’s when you’ll truly appreciate your huntingvest from Final Rise. The complete line-up of hunting vests from Final Rise are all built upon the foundational load-bearing waist belt and low profile shoulder strap system which allow you to carry all the gear you need, and do so comfortably, while maintaining your ability to move freely and perform when you need to most.

With a complete lineup of accessories and newly releasedperformance apparel Final Rise has the gear you need to help you get the most out of every mile
and every flush!

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