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Nick Adair of Gun Dog Do It Yourself with the Final Rise Summit Vest System

I have been running the Final Rise Summit System vest a little over a year ago now and it is truly impressive how I am able to carry more gear more efficiently, comfortably, and better organized relative to my prior vest setups.  I try and keep my setup as simple as possible but there are a few items that are staples in my hunting setup:

Summit System (Khaki/Blaze):

Right Shell Pouch

  • Main compartment: ammo/shells
  • External pocket zipper: open with cell phone convenient for checking OnX if needed

Left Shell Pouch

  • Main compartment:  My “catch-all” typically with wallet, keys, facemask/shield for hunting in high wind or cold, chapstick.
  • External pocket zipper:  Stainless steel comb for picking burs or cactus off a dog, empty shell hulls from throughout the hunt (hopefully!)

Built in Zippered Storage Compartments

  • Left:  Emergency toilet paper supply.  Add a small lighter or tube of matches and doubles as an emergency fire starter kit
  • Right:  Pliers (Needle and snub nose), hemostats in case of porcupine encounter and need more grip than pliers

Rear Bag Accessory Pocket 

  • Complete field first aid kit


  • Two water bottle holders with 32oz bottles
  • Webbing keepers on all of my straps to prevent dangling
  • Jacket lashes on the external sides of the gamebag 
  • Garmin Alpha 200 remote clipped and tethered to the strap above my left chest

One of the most appreciated features with my Final Rise system is the sheer versatility.  Above is my hunting season setup but once hunting season ends it's time to get back in the training field.  What I have found that works best for me is taking the same Summit lumbar pad and weight bearing waist belt but take the straps and gamebag off to switch over to the Sidekick gamebag.  I also swap out the left Shell Pouch and add the Live Bird Training Pouch which allows me to always have that emergency pigeon/bird in the bag to use in case a training scenario calls for it.  No more fumbling with the typical shoulder strap bird bag while in the middle of a session and missing the opportunity to use the bird at the right time!

Final Rise Summit Vest hunting Sage Grouse in Wyoming with Nick Adair of Gun Dog Do It Yourself

Sidekick Training Setup

Right Shell Pouch

  • Main compartment:  ammo/poppers
  • External pocket zipper:  empty shell hulls
  • D-clip on the belt or molle webbing on the pouch: E-collar remote clipped in with a carabiner 

Training Pouch (replaces the Left Shell Pouch from the hunting setup)

  • Bird for training reps.  Can fit 2 small pigeons/chukar side by side
  • D-clip on the belt:  Launcher remote clipped in with a carabiner

Sidekick Gamebag

  • External zipper:  Small first aid kit
  • Internal bag:  Lead/leash, bumpers, dead/frozen birds


  • Two water bottle holders with 32oz bottles

Whether it's hunting or training season, I can completely customize these systems to fit whatever specific situation I find myself in.  The lumbar pad and weight bearing belt has truly changed the game in how far I am able to go.  I'm now hunting longer, further, and more comfortably than I have ever been able to before.  Aside from the appreciated weight dispersion, the breathability of the Summit System is a must have for me as that was the biggest challenge on prior setups.  I could carry the gear but the weight on my shoulders and how hot my back would get greatly impacted not only the effectiveness of my hunt, but the enjoyability of the hunt as well.  This is especially noticeable in early season hunts out west or training sessions down here in the Southeast throughout summer.

I'm constantly trying to improve and alter my setup to find the perfect setup for me.  No matter how you’re wanting to set your system up, there seems to be a solution for it!  Also, as an Army veteran, it also means a lot that everything is sourced and sewn in the great USA!

-Nick Adair
Gun Dog It Yourself

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