How to Make Custom TSS Turkey Loads

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There's no denying the incredible lethality and ethical set up to using Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) for hunting turkeys. Coming in at over 50% heavier in density that traditional lead shot, and over 20% from traditional 'heavyweight' shot, TSS simply means business.

Due to the increase in density, TSS allows you to shoot smaller shot size (8,9.9.5 and 10's) to bump up pattern density and increase the number of pellets in the load. Simply put, smaller pellets means more shot in the payload of your shell and creates more hits, delivering more lethality, to the bird. The best analogy I've heard when it comes to TSS is like firing an entire hornets nest of wasps out of your barrel. They're flat out mean and show no mercy when they find their intended target. 

If you don't think a pellet that small can do the trick, ask any of the gobblers that took a ride in our Final Rise Summit Turkey Vest due to a 7/8oz load of 9.5's catching them in a bad spot. It flat out works.

Final Rise Summit Turkey Vest with Tristar Viper G2 .410 Turkey Shotgun

On of the reasons that I enjoy shooting sub gauges, specifically .410 and 28, is that my payloads are ample to kill a turkey, at the appropriate and practiced distances, and they're more cost effective because they don't require as much shot as say a 1 5/8oz 20 gauge load or a 2oz 12 gauge load. That's a LOT of pellets from those larger guns and frankly.. it only takes a few of these little bad boys to do the trick.. so why shoot more than I have to? Dead is dead and I'd be hard pressed to be persuaded otherwise. 

Here's a detailed video, it's a little long just as fair warning, that dives into The Who, what, where and how to get started with TSS. It's fun, components are becoming easier to find and there's few things as satisfying as taking a bird with a shell that you personally put together.

Remember folks, squeezing the trigger is the smallest part of satisfaction that a hunt brings. Enjoy the process, enjoy the journey and always be kind and inviting to others who are just getting started.

Thanks for reaching and watching!


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