How to carry a dog in your Final Rise Vest System

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Raising the bar of upland hunting gear is at the core of our business and if we can improve the comfort, enjoyment and safety of both the user and our long eared companions, we strive to ensure we're putting our best foot forward. 

Prior to Final Rise implementing a design to transport an injured dog in the field, there were aftermarket slings, carriers, etc. that only added one more thing you had to carry in your vest at all times.

It just didn't make sense that it hadn't been done.. so, we did it ourselves.

Simply put, our products are a reflection of our years of experience both in the field and in product design. Final Rise is proud to have pioneered a feature that's made an incredibly positive impact on our community. 

Here's a quick run down on how easy it is to load your bird dog up and transport him to safety.

While we hope your never have to use it, we're happy to know you're prepared.

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