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It’s funny how throughout the entire development process of our Final Rise Field Gloves, I found out there are a group of folks who are glove junkies, just like me!

One of these times I’ll share a picture of the 30 gallon plastic tote in my garage that’s overflowing with gloves from every brand, material, design, etc. All great in a specific application but the search for a true field glove hadn’t crossed my radar, until earlier this past year. 

I’ve had gloves on our radar for quite some time. With a desire to stay true to our American Made mantra, I constantly hit dead ends when reaching out to potential support. It was a daughtin project that just didn't seem to be going anywhere. 

One day, like all good stories start, I saw a post on social media from a small business I follow about some deer skin gloves they were offering in their store.

Having conversed with the owner a few times about hunting before, I confidently reached out and inquired if he was now offering leather gloves in his business and was willing to help us develop ours?

He kindly replied that he wasn’t making the gloves himself and shared the contact info to the manufacturer who was located on the west coast. SCORE!

I sent an email later that evening expressing my interest in having them help us, but based on what I could see from their business, they likely weren’t in a position to be of help. 

Regardless, I shared a little bit about our business and told them I had a goal of creating a premium pair of field gloves, unlike any other that’d be offered to the upland market.

In that list of goals, I requested the following:

  • The highest grade leathers available 
  • Unmatched dexterity for safety and normal in the field functions
  • Touch screen compatibility 
  • Built to withstand years of use and abuse

Simply put, I expressed the goal of being able to create a glove that you didn’t have to take on and off throughout the day to perform things you normally do. 

Whether that’s operating your handheld, using your mapping app on your cell phone, adjusting your gear or opening pockets and being able to pop the button on your pants if you needed to answer nature's call. Laugh all you want, but taking previously owned pairs of gloves on and off frequently were just a giant pain in the rear. If you know.. You know..

A few days went by and one night as I was laying in bed, I heard my phone go off and saw I’d received a reply. Oh baby!

To keep a long story short.. Their reply was that they were as excited about the opportunity as we were. So, we went to work!

After multiple renditions of the gloves, testing them while hauling hay, riding 4-wheelers, doing chores around the house and of course some trigger time at the range, we landed on the final product that we’re proud to offer today. 

Each glove is backed with a premium buckskin leather that is soft, supple and breaks in like your favorite baseball mitt from your childhood. A little leather condition on them and the golden brown color is almost too beautiful to describe!

The palm portion of the glove is a goatskin leather that is thin enough to feel the stippling on your favorite shooting iron, but durable enough that it’s appropriately used by professional cowboys in the rodeo market. A sure tell sign that it's incredibly tough leather!

The gloves are cut short in the wrist to accommodate many of the watches folks use for dog tracking purposes, have touch screen pointers and thumbs on each glove and a minimal wrist strap to ensure wrist mobility and ease of use when taking them on and off. 

While we could ramble on about how excited we are on these gloves, the endless emails, social media messages and phone calls about how much they’ve enjoyed them is a testimony of it’s own. 

To bring another quality American Made product to life and house it under the FINAL RISE brand has been a dream come true. 

If you’re in the market for an incredibly comfortable and quality pair of gloves to add to your kit this year, don’t sleep on these.. You just agree that they are the best pair of upland gloves available today - 

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