The Final Rise Legacy is a streamlined and simplified model of our industry leading strap vest design. With all the adjustments and comfort, this ultra light vest has been taken down to the frame, providing a minimalist platform without compromising function or durability.

At just over 2 lbs you won't even notice it on, when fitted. With all the same customizable fitting options, to create a true-fit tailored feel, the Final Rise Legacy will be the lightest, most durable and functional vest in your arsenal.  Staying true to our ‘Our all function, No Fluff’ approach, Final Rise delivers yet another work horse system. This streamlined vest is truly multi-dimensional from the training grounds and trailing, to the grouse woods and beyond. The Legacy will meet and exceed the demands of new and experienced upland hunters.

Each system is hand sewn by our team using premium, American made and sourced components and materials.

**The Legacy System is compatible w/ Layer Lashes, Sidearm Holsters and Webbing Keepers. Additional accessory pockets will not attach. Water bottles, sold separately, fit perfectly in the side pouches of the game bag.**

Please Read:

The Legacy System will be sewn in limited production runs. We will only sell enough spots to cover each production run. If the vest is available to add to cart, you can order and reserve your vest for the upcoming batch. Vests will be delivered in the time frame quoted on this page. 

If the upcoming production run has orders that cover the complete run, this item will show ‘Out Of Stock’. When out of stock, we will provide the next available date to order so you know when to check back. We anticipate 3-4 weeks between runs, so please plan accordingly.

System includes:

  • Bird bag w/ Single Rear Panel Zippered Storage Pocket
  • True Weight-bearing Padded Waist Belt & Lumbar Pad
  • No-Slip Grip Shoulder Harness w/ handheld and accessory webbing
  • Pair of Classic Shell Pockets

Color: Ranger / Blaze

  • Ranger / Blaze

Waist Size: 28"-35" (SM)

  • 28"-35" (SM)
  • 36"-43" (MD)
  • 44"-52" (LG)

Torso Length: Under 20" (SH)

  • Under 20" (SH)
  • Over 20" (REG)
**Please allow up to 1 week for accessories & 3-4 Weeks for Vests**

Redefining Comfort and Function in the Uplands

The Final Rise Legacy System is the latest and most innovative Strap Vest design on the market. With a desire to deliver quality and life long lasting upland gear, FINAL RISE set out to raise the bar and create a premium upland strap vest utilizing the latest advances in materials, components and design.

What separates the FINAL RISE System from other Strap Vests on the Market?

WEIGHT - 2.5 lbs lighter than other Strap Vests

The old saying goes, ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. The older I get, the more that saying rings true! It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting chukar, prairie chickens or thick grouse cover, weight matters. At just over 2 lbs, empty, our vest, as a complete system, is on average 2-3 lbs lighter than anything else available without jeopardizing the quality and lifetime value of the product. What does 2 lbs really mean though? It means you can carry almost a full extra liter of water BEFORE your vest weighs as much as another when it’s empty. 

The FINAL RISE Legacy delivers a true, minimalist platform, without jeopardizing  comfort or function in the field.


There is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to any hunting gear.. We have our style, our way and once we find something we like, and works, it’s hard to switch it up. Trust us, we get it. We’re just like you. 

Because we understand the need to create a system that functions perfectly for your needs, the Legacy vest is the perfect platform that includes all the essential parts you’ll need.

WAIST BELT - True Weight Bearing for Comfort & Balance

The foundation of any strap vest should be the waist belt. That is afterall the theory behind a strap vest, as the shoulder straps are the most minimal part of the system and that the waist belt should hold the weight, balance the bag front to back and deliver comfort. Without a proper fitting waist belt that is truly weight bearing, the design is mute. Our contoured hip hugging waist belt provides unmatched comfort all while holding  your system rock steady.

SHOULDER STRAPS - Streamline and Unobstructive

If there’s one thing you shoulder straps should NEVER do, it’s impede proper gun mount. Mount the gun wrong and it’s an ice cube's chance in hell you’ll kock a few birds down out of the covey you just hiked 5 miles to find. The FINAL RISE shoulder straps are minimal yet functional asset to the vest and when properly adjusted, leave your shoulder clear for an easy mount. 

Additionally, each shoulder strap has 2 rows of horizontal webbing that ride just above the semi-tacky material that sits on the front of the vest, just above the sternum strap. Perfect for hanging handhelds and other accessories that you like to keep on your chest and at the ready at all times. 

SHELL POCKETS - Simple and Functional

If there’s one part of your vest that gets used, it’s the shell pockets. In and out, in and out, shoot, reload.. Repeat 10000000’s of times. 

The Legacy shell pockets are the classic, tried and true, flap top pocket. The deep pockets allow minimal weight within them to act as a counter balance to any birds or heavier essentials that make it way into your bag. Super easy to access, super easy to use.

Our pockets are both large enough for gloved hands. Shell Pockets are also a great storage compartment when balancing the vest and fits a full sized camera when a reasonably sized lens.


    Ranger / blaze

    Waist Size

    28"-35" (sm), 36"-43" (md), 44"-52" (lg)

    Torso Length

    Under 20" (sh), Over 20" (reg)

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